Alaska Art

Who We Are


The Valley Fine Arts Association formed in early 2005 to create art, teach techniques, and encourage fellowship among visual artist in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. We strive to promote a supportive attitude toward visual arts in our Alaskan community.

We welcome beginners, students, part-time and professional artists who focus on two-dimensional art mediums and want to connect with other creative people and gain more exposure locally.
Throughout the year, we inform our members about opportunities to show their work, participate in group events, view other local artists, and enroll in workshops. During the school year, we organize regular sessions for painting together and host monthly artist demonstrations at Mat-Su College.

Membership in the Valley Fine Arts Association provides many diverse opportunities for artists. Check our website calendar for upcoming events.

General Info:

Paint Togethers
Come to our winter open paint sessions on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 5pm-9pm at the
Mat-Su College, room 212 FSM Building  2 on Trunk Road. This is a great excuse to set aside time for painting and fellowship with other artists in the community. Check the  website calendar.

Learn techniques and get valuable information from local artists once a month at a scheduled paint-together. Demo topics are posted on the calendar.

In addition to passing on information about workshops and classes held at Mat-Su College, VFAA strives to host at least one workshop per year. Our workshops feature a guest artist and will offer a discounted price to VFAA members.

Artist Shows
VFAA Members can sign up to participate in one of the VFAA group shows that take place throughout the year. Advertising can be done individually and through the VFAA member list.

Community Events
As a member of VFAA there are a multitude of other opportunities that will allow the beginning or seasoned artist to get their work out in the community and take part in artist gatherings. VFAA passes along information regarding artist calls, workshops, and festivals in Alaska.

Current Members

Board Of Directors:

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President : Terry Phillips
Vice President: Roxanne Kopischke
Secretary: Nancy Lamson
Treasurer: Maria McKiernan
 Director  : Diane Paoletti
Director: Jim Leach
Historian: Cathy Poppert
Publicity Coordinator: Judy Vars


Linda Peters, Retreat Coordinator

Michelle Cornelius, ART show coordinator

Michelle Cornelius, Publicity coordinator

Maria Mckiernan,Venues coordinator in Wasilla

Martha Happs, Venues coordinator in Palmer

Marge Acree
Kathy Allen
Alicia Armstrong*
Betty Atkinson*
Beth Bauer
Diana Bland
Linda Boots*
Cheryl Boyd*
Denise Broussard
Roberta Britain*
Deanna Brown
Ian Brown
Linda Buness
Betty Burke
Sheri Burnem
Gena Chastain*
Rusty Clark*
Jolleen Coleman*
Michelle Cornelius
Karen Crandall
Nancy Angelini Crawford
Ruthann Crosby
Jefferson Davis*
Jennifer Dawkin*
Mimi Degange
Felicia Desimini
Annie Doczi*
Sally Eckert
Jerry P. Edwards*
Suzanne Bach Edwards*
Suzanne Espen
Patty Estep*
Monica Estill*
Carolyn Ettinger*
Melissa Eyemann*
Amanda Fedewa*
Glenda Field
Anna Folsom*
Tara Gildow*
Dawn Gilette
Bernice  Gregory
John Ippoliti*
Martha Happs
Carolyn Hayes
Melissa Hayes
Melinda (Sue) Hemmer
Rose Hendrickson*
Gail Homer*
Barbara Howard
Barbara Hunt
Stephan Hyams
Catherine Inman*
Brenda Jaeger
Kurt Jacobson*
Barbara Johnson
Eileen Johnson*
Patricia Jones
Barbara Jordan*
Maureen Kelly
Roxann Kopischke
Nancy Lamson
Jim Leach
Kelly Leonard
Francine Long
Essa Lachance*
Patrice Lecso*
Natasha Lester*
Krystna Markiewicz*
Karen Mattson
Maria McKiernan
Diane Meekin*
Sharry Miller
Gina Murrow
Chris Novak*
Diane Paoletti
Linda Peters
Jule Petersen
Marlene Petersen
Terry  Phillips
Cathy Poppert
Beth Stohl Reiland
Bernd Richter
Earl Rider
Annie Ronsse*
Carol Welty Roper
Susan Sinclair
Peggy Smith
Jack Smrdel*
Connie Srebernak
Jane Stuart
Theresa Theodore
Dale Turner*
Myrna Ukelele*
Judy Vars*
Carol Warren
Stephanie Whaley
Marianne Wieland
Mabel Wimmer
Ursula Zimmer