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Gina Murrow with Alaska Art Experience has always been creative, but it wasn’t until a friend taught her to paint watercolor-styled pictures on silk that her art career took off.
Last summer, Gina and her husband, David, opened a new tourist attraction in Chugiak called Alaska Art Experience.  Guests come to the Murrow’s cabin by Little Peters Creek and Gina teaches them to paint the Northern Lights on silk. While the paintings are drying, she feeds them a homemade meal of soup, bread, salad and Alaska Meltaway cookies.
    When not painting in her studio, you can find Gina plein air painting with either oils or pastels, two other mediums she’s learning to use. During the winter, she’s also the school secretary at King Career Center in Anchorage.

                                                                          Gina Murrow




Painting at the Alaska Art Experience!


For more information on Gina’s art or to come paint with her by Little Peters Creek, visit www.AlaskaArtExperience.com or call 907-229-1702