Glenda Field





I’ve loved drawing as long as I can remember. I think I must have been a very easy child to raise because if you put a crayon in my hand I was occupied for hours!  I took one art class in high school, but college was for “serious study” and I became a speech therapist when I graduated from college in 1971.  I met my husband when I was a VISTA Volunteer assigned to Arkansas, and in 1979 with our two small children in tow, we moved north to Fairbanks, Alaska where I worked for the school district until I retired in 2000. During 1982 I was able to take a painting class from Bob Ross, who lived in North Pole, Alaska at that time.  I was very excited with my new skill, but then our youngest child became seriously ill ( he later recovered), other life events interfered and I didn’t pick up a paintbrush again until I had retired from teaching.  Then with less time constraints, I was able to take advantage of the Fairbanks Fine Arts Festivals held in the summer.  I discovered watercolor and took several classes over the years from Vladimir Zhikhartsev, Don Kolstad, Judy Brown, and K Holman.

My husband and I became snowbirds after retiring, spending winters outside and summers in Alaska.  Watercolor, being so compact while traveling, became the medium I used almost exclusively during my snowbird years.  I enjoyed painting the berries of Alaska, leaves, and other botanical subjects.  With my good friend, Anne Canterbury of Eagle River, I also found time to illustrate and co-write a children’s story called _”Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s in Alaska”.  I have never worked so diligently on anything as I did when I painted those watercolor illustrations!  We did many signings throughout the state when the book was published and continue to sell the book and do signings today.  

But “snowbirding” became tiring.  I like to say we flunked “snowbirding” because we just didn’t do it right!  We had two older homes that both needed upkeep and it seemed all of our time and efforts were going into maintaining two homes.  In 2013 we decided to remain in Alaska full time, but move to reside where the winters were less hostile.  Thus, we now live in the country outside of Wasilla, where we are near many trails where we love to walk and hike, enjoying the amazing beauty this part of the state has to offer.

Along with the new area, I have enjoyed making new friends, and am on the board of the Valley Fine Arts Association, which is a highly energized group of artists doing many activities. I have enjoyed participating in the Machetanz Arts Festival by taking an oil class from Dean Larson this spring.  I was also able to take a workshop in acrylics from Jennifer Bowman, thus increasing my skills in other mediums.   This summer, I had a painting accepted into the 41st Annual Watercolor Society Exhibition, which was a big honor for me. I now have goals of painting each day, whether it be acrylics, oils, or watercolors.  I feel fortunate to have such an outlet for my creative energy and to be doing something I love to do. There’s nothing that compares to staring at a blank canvas and imagining the possibilities!


  For questions regarding other works for sale and pricing, you may contact Glenda personally at 907-987-4033 or at gfield09@yahoo.com



 Glenda Field