Jim Leach
(The Trail Doc)


  James Leach is a retired veterinarian .  Jim was honored to have worked many of the sled dog races throughout Alaska and into Russia during his years of Alaska practice over the past 40 years.




Jim and his wife Annie built and operated veterinary hospitals  in Anchorage and Big Lake. The practices were primarily small animals, Alpacas and Llamas.  They also managed an extensive “ bush practice” , serving many of the outlying areas and villages all over Alaska. Jim is a pilot and their bush clinics and travels were and are mostly via their airplane. 

After sale of their practice, Annie and Jim built a cabin and gold mined in the 40 mile area between Chicken and Eagle. 

Jim is primarily a self-taught artist who enjoys painting the great Alaska landscape and animals, especially painting in plein-air.    

     Many of the ideas for the art work come from the years of flying and traveling    throughout Alaska. Doc paints primarily in oils and acrylics on canvas and board.

Jim is honored to have paintings in several locations throughout Alaska, internationally and in several Lower 48 States.

Doc now has a small studio at their home on Birch Lake , where Jim can paint indoors when the plein-air season becomes a bit too “ chilly” and his paints begin to freeze. 

Jim is very happy to have Annie as his most enthusiastic fan and critic. She is a great asset in deciding the final renderings on canvas. 

 Jim believes they are, and have been, greatly Blessed and are fortunate to be able to put on canvas some of the beauty and wonders which God has provided both in Alaska and elsewhere as they travel. 

Jim feels, when he can present in a painting a feeling that encourages people to appreciate art that they can enjoy in their homes and / or work places, whether they reside in Alaska , are visiting or live far away, then his painting goals have been accomplished.

For more information or to contact Jim, visit his website   www.traildoc.com/