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 My interest in art actually began with ceramics, back in the mid 70’s, but I soon discovered I couldn’t get the detail I wanted on clay, so one birthday my mother gave me a paint box full of oil paints, supplies and art lessons. I’ve been painting on and off ever since.
       I have lived in Alaska for the last 20 years, spending the first 8 years of it in SE Alaska on the island of Wrangell. It was there that I got re-connected with my passion for painting. I joined the local art group there, and one of the artists introduced me to watercolor, and I was captured by its movement and flow of color. I enjoy painting landscapes, flowers, and animals, in watercolor, and more recently, acrylics, thanks to a Jennifer Bowman workshop.  This past summer I attended a plein-air workshop in Denali National Park with artist David Mollett for 4 days. It was an awesome experience.I have also taken art classes with other Alaskan artist’s, Don Kolstad,  Bill Cross and Gail Moses, and attended various art workshops in Alaska and the Lower 48, whenever possible. Workshops are a wonderful way to get out of our comfort zone, meet new artists, and learn something new.  Each painting is a “growth” step and a reason to do the next one. 
         I thank God for the gift He’s given me and all the beauty He’s created for all us to enjoy, and if we’re lucky, we can capture a special moment of it on canvas.
         I am happy to be a member of the Alaska Watercolor Society, the Valley Fine Arts Assn., Alaska Artists Guild and the Gallery Gals. The groups all keep me inspired and painting!
                                                                                                      Pat Bliss






                                            "Morning Light on Denali"                                                          "Purple Clematis

You may contact Pat at prbliss(at)mtaonline(dot)net or call at 907-688-4245 for more information or pricing.
                 Thank you, Pat Bliss