Patty Halley



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        Patty was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA., but has made Alaska
      her home
for the past twenty years. She says Alaska is an incredibly
      special place for an artist to grow and paint. As a member of several
      art organizations, she loves
the encouraging and being encouraged
      by fellow artists.  She specializes in pastel
     and oil painting, but loves
      to play with watercolors on occasion. She says  "I guess I still miss
      finger painting. I love using deep, pure pigments, along with
      contrasts in my paintings. My goal is to excite the eye and evoke a
 of creation’s mystery and splendor. I find it all around me,
        in everything from a
 landscape to the eyes of a pet. I love being an artist and
        hope it shows in my work. It gives me joy to create paintings. I hope you’ll allow
        me the opportunity to create one for you!"




You may contact Patty personally at pattyh(at)mtaonline(dot)net or call at 907-746-6737 for more information or pricing.                                       
Thank you, Patty Halley