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Romie Deschamps III

I rediscovered Art while living in Howick, New Zealand, a suburb of Auckland. My Family of eight moved to Howick after My Spouse Patricia received a work permit as a Nurse specializing in Coronary Care. I was on a leave as a Pharmacist in Alaska and Patricia wanted to travel. We arrived in New Zealand in September 1983. Since My Spouse was able to have a job and I wasn't, I was "Mr.Mom" taking care of Our six children while Pat worked as a Nurse. I had some time while the children were in school to go to Museums & Libraries and saw a opportunity to take a Art course. I enrolled in the class which fit in Our busy schedule & was off & running. The teacher was a wonderful lady in Her 70's. She used Charles Reid's book "Painting what You see" as the course text. Returning to Alaska in July 1984 after a wonderful New Zealand experience, We settled down in Palmer, Alaska after living in Anchorage for 3 years. I met Charles Reid at the Anchorage Water Society Workshop as Guest Artist. He autographed His book & We became fellow Artist. I advanced My Art skills at The University of Alaska MatSu Campus taking upper division Art Classes. Spence Guerin, Arthur Higgins, Hugh McPeck, as well as Charle Reid, were my Mentors. As I used My Pharmacy Skills to advance as Pharmacy Managers, My Art had to be put on hold.(other than while on vacations) I took a course from Charlen Jeffery Satrom at Blaines Art Studio on Oil Painting & My painting was entered into the State Fair where I received a Red Ribbon for My Painting of "Denali Alpenglow at Wonder lake" In 1990 I received a Honorable Memtion at a University level competition Art Show for a Large Oil painting "Nice Day at Portage" so I felt Oils are where I should be. In 2012 I won another ribbon at the State Fair for My Painting "Hatcher Pass from the Cook Shack" I continue taking workshops with several Artist , including Dean Larson, Jeanne Young & Michelle Dunaway. Richard Schmid's book "AllaPrima:Every thing I Know About Painting" is often used as a reference. Don Kolstad is My current Mentor & Instructor and a Good Friend. Romie

North Shore Oahu
(Feb. 2013)
View towards hunting camp