Terry Phillips

"O Little Town Of Chitna"


Teresa Phillips (Terry) began painting 32 years ago while stationed in Hawaii with her husband Robert. She was approached to trade piano lessons for painting lessons and hesitated because she didn’t think she had any artistic inclination. She was assured she could learn and the first lesson was “free” to see if she liked it.

She certainly liked it! In fact fell in love with it. The idea of taking a plain white canvas and creating a visual experience was absolutely thrilling. She only had 4 or 5 lessons when circumstances forced her to continue on her own. She invested in “ How To” manuals on landscaping and tried to copy and follow along with each illustration. Eventually she took Plein Aire classes from Jean Lopes, who was an accomplished outdoor artist in Hawaii.

Military life required many moves to different states and the painting continued on in New Mexico, Texas, and Alaska. Several workshops were taken through the years including instruction from Jan Herring and her son Bill in Cloudcroft New Mexico. Upon arriving in Cold Bay, Alaska, Terry was asked to teach an extension class for the University of Alaska in oil painting. Living in the bush, there were not many opportunities for people to do interesting things. This was a great experience for both instructor and students. Terry loved sharing her talents with others, while watching them grow with enthusiasm for their own artistic abilities.

In the late 80’s Terry and her family moved to Wasilla, where she joined the Pioneer Artist Co-op in Palmer. This little gallery was a favorite place to learn and work and share with other artists. Currently, she still resides in Wasilla and enjoys her children and grandchildren. She serves as Secretary and Treasurer of the Valley Fine Arts Association.

Terry says, as an artist, one can never stop learning and acquiring new skills. She is always ready and anxious to apply brush to canvas and create more paintings. ' I sometimes see the most common of sights like the sunshine casting shadows on the road, and I want to capture that on canvas so others can see it as I do.' Landscapes are her specialty, but florals have become a favorite and portraiture is fast becoming a new delight. Bring her a photo, and a beautiful painting can be created into an everlasting work of art for yourself or a gift. Terry is skilled in both Oils and Acrylic mediums.

Terry’s work can be seen on her website: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ThePleasureofArt.html . Commissions are most welcome and she can be reached at 907-376-1382 home, or 907-232-4381 cell.


 Terry Phillips


"Storm Brewing on Knik River"                                                                       "Basket of Spring"