Laurie Cartwright



 I have always loved animals and have attempted to portray them in many different mediums.

I started doing stained glass in the late 70’s, drawing my own patterns, and continued until early arthritis in my right hand forced me to give it up. After surgery on my thumb to remove a bone and a year recovery to get my hand back I began to search for ways to express my art again. I took up the weaving of grass baskets but it soon became apparent that the arthritis in my other hand would not let me continue to pursue that medium.

 In November of 2010 I was invited to a pastel class by a friend. I told her I was "not that kind of artist" I can't draw! She talked me into it anyway. When I picked up my first pastel, I found my passion. It was a medium that allowed me to portray animals in the way that I have always desired. I am still amazed and pleased by the gift that God has given me!  I hope that my art conveys some of the beauty of the wonderful creatures and world around us.

Laurie Cartwright






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