Linda Peters

"Birch Trees"



       Linda Peters is a watercolor artist living in Palmer, Alaska. Before moving to Palmer, she spent 27 years living in Nome, AK, and working as a nurse. One of the doctors at the hospital was taking her very first painting class and that inspired Linda to give it a try. So in 2008, Linda joined watercolor classes with Angela Hanson, a well known Nome artist. She immediately fell in love with watercolor and painted every chance she got. The Nome tundra provided many wonderful subjects to paint: wildflowers, berries, landscapes and old mining cabins became her favorites.

 She took a drawing class in Nome and attended workshops in Canada and Alaska
.In 2008, Linda moved to Palmer where she was able to continue watercolor classes with Mark Andrews and drawing classes at UAA, MatSu campus. Linda's paintings show her love of vibrant colors, and the great outdoors. Her style can be whimsical or realistic depending on her subject. She likes painting scenes from her travels to ltaly, England and lreland or the nearest park where she walks with her dog, Maui.

 Currently portra
iture has become her latest passion,both in drawing and watercolor. She regularly attends the Machetanz Art Festival and is an active member of the VFAA. Linda loves getting together and painting with other artists.
 You may contact Linda at lpeters(at)nome(dot)net
or call her at: (907)-982-9209



 Linda Peters

                                    "Autumn Forest"                                                                                        "Old Barn"